Oman. GlobeCore equipment presentation in Muscat

In October 2016, GlobeCore made a presentation of its equipment in Muscat (Oman).

The presentation was a part of the seminar organized by RAY International Group. The seminar was attributed to the issues of oil and gas industry in Oman.

It was attended by 50 delegates, among them the representatives of the oil and gas industry of Oman, companies engaged in transmission and distribution of energy, and also guests from Germany and Norway.

GlobeCore presented its equipment for purification and regeneration of insulating oils, drying of power transformer solid insulation and oil vacuum filling units.

GlobeCore equipment is mobile and can work in field conditions without moving the power transformer from site and without taking it off-line, thus ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Also, the delegates were presented with the latest GlobeCore model, the CMM-0.5 unit. It pumps, heats, cleans and degasses insulating oil in small transformers. Thanks to its compact size, the CMM-0.5 unit easily passes through a ship’s gangways and through narrow doorways and can be used to service offshore transformers at wind turbines.