Protection of the Environment and Ways to Save on “Dirty” Oils

In recent years, it becomes quite fashionable to be involved in the environmental movement. There is nothing wrong about it, there are only pluses. What is more, the development of the environmental industry is aimed to achieve benefits for both sides: nature and man. This development could be treated differently. Many “cheap” entrepreneurs do not agree that the fight for the environment can be the means of saving. It means a purchase of new equipment, new fuels etc.

However, in response to their complaints these fuels are tested, showing high productivity of equipment. New systems of cleaning and filtration are developed, that not only reduce emissions into the atmosphere but also penalties for them, also allow saving on resources, purifying and recycling them for another cycle.

Recent studies estimated that one of the biggest factors of environmental pollution – is waste oil. 84% of contaminated fuel is discharged into rivers or underground. Unlike oil and petroleum products, waste transformer oil contains in itself oxidation products and contaminants, making it impossible to decontaminate naturally.

Contaminated oil cannot be used in engine, because it is no longer an insulator and causes breakdowns or system stoppage. In this case, it needs to be replaced with fresh oil.

To avoid unnecessary costs, the new technologies worked out a repeated use of lubricating oil after cleaning. The most effective method is oil recondition, that is, the full restoration of the original properties of oil.

The choice of oil recycling and oil reclamation and filtration of oil is an environmentally friendly technology – that uses renewable energy and resources, and recycles waste product.

The main part of low-waste technologies is development and implementation of innovative processes and systems that operate in a closed loop and avoid accumulation of waste.

Such technologies are at the heart of oil regeneration plants.

The companies in the international market, producing such systems, compare technologies and methods of oil recycling according to their impact on the environment.

GlobeCore – is one of the leaders in global technology market with great experience and a strong demand for the years ahead.

GlobeCore oil recycling plant CMM  uses special sorbent “Fuller’s earth” in a cleaning process, that doesn’t only follow the rule of environmental movement “For renewable resources”, but  is a reusable material itself. The obvious saving is supported by other positive features, such as: mobility – the ability to be moved from one transformer to another, connected directly to transformer, with uninterrupted supply with recovered oil, with online transformer, with modern software installation system,  unsupervised work and many other .

The chosen technology of cleaning (filtration) and reclamation of transformer oil is the best, both in terms of environmental impact, and in terms of cost effectiveness and following fashion trends.