Seven CMM-4/7 Transformer Servicing Units for Malaysia

In March and April this year, a team of GlobeCore specialists came to Malaysia for commissioning of seven CMM-4/7 units.

The commissioning, which became a logical continuation of cooperation with the electric power industry of Malaysia, was performed successfully in several cities. It is noteworthy that GlobeCore commissioned the previously supplied units in this country in January.

The CMM-4/7 units are versatile multi functional equipment type which perform several functions important during transformer maintenance, servicing and repairs, such as removal of solid particles, heating of oil before filling the transformer, vacuum drying the transformer and transformer evacuation, as well as heating of electrical equipment with hot oil.

The parameters of oil processed by the СММ-4/7 are as follows:

  • gas content: below 0.1% volume;
  • moisture content: below 10 ppm;
  • solid particles: below 8 g/t;
  • dielectric strength: at least 60 kV.

In addition, the unit recently commissioned in Malaysia are equipped with the TSS (Transformer Safety System), which makes it possible to connect them to directly to the transformer.