“Shake it and See the Light Shines Through …”: This rule applies to wine business, and also to oil

Contaminated and used oil can be used not only for cheap heating but also it can almost completely return its original cost. Modern methods for extraction of moisture, gases, purification, separation of harmful impurities and filtration – they are, first and foremost, a way to make money on recycled raw materials, and  second, to merge with the new-fangled slogans of protecting the environment from pollution. The price for removal and disposal of waste oil has increased enormously and continues to grow. The solution would be a new life for used fuel and new profit from its use.

GlobeCore is engaged in production of systems for complex solution of this problem – recovery and purification of transformer oils. The process is based on the use of harmless sorbent “Fuller’s earth” which does not give harmful emissions into the atmosphere and has properties to renew itself and be re-used. In addition, the process is fairly simple and does not require highly skilled operators and high-tech maintenance. Economically it is advantageous to use reclaimed oils that make up 95% of the final product.

UVR installations by GlobeCore – recycle, clean and remove the elements of aging process, filter and purify mineral oils, diesel fuel (it increases fuel economy), heating oil, gas condensate and other oil products. The installations partially remove waxes and sulfur from diesel fuel and heating oil and dark diesel, remove bad odors from heating oil. During purification process of waste oil 90% of harmful impurities are removed with minimal impact on existing additives in the mixture.

These oil recycling units are suitable for oil reclamation of various types of oils. UVR installation works with any mineral oil products without requiring readjustment. The level of plant’s productivity depends on viscosity and density of cleaned oil.

When removing the colloidal deposits and acid, water, gas, and other impurities, the color and transparency recover too.

The grade of refined oil is slightly lower than the grade of original oil, but in the process of oil recondition the primary qualities of oil return and its effect on engine productivity. Refined oil is used with the same success as a new oil. When parameters of waste oil (before use) are sufficiently high, the regenerating oil parameters will also be high. The oil reclamation process does not affect the main indicators of oil quality.

After a complete oil recondition cycle, transformer oil requires clearing with specific sorbent. For example, GlobeCore installation for clearing of heating oil uses sorbent cartridges. The sorbent can be regenerated up to 400 times. In addition, there are systems of oil reclamation using chemically-active clay as sorbent. This sorbent also needs subsequent recondition.

Regenerated, clarified, filtered and recovered oil product complies with international standards and norms.

GlobeCore equipment does not solve the problem of disposal of oil, but rather gives oil a second clarified life. UVR installation cleans and brightens dark diesel and heating oil, removes sulfur and paraffin, easily brightens gas condensate from tar and dirt, after cleaning the fuels comply with the standards and the highest grade of purity.