Successful Start up of CMM-12R unit for Oil Reclamation in Ecuador

August this year, our company visited the city of Quito (Ecuador), to start up a СММ-12R unit for Oil Reclamation

The startup was preceded by a test run, which demonstrated good results with reduced dielectric loss tangent of 0,7% at 90° C (initial value at 11%) and increase of breakdown voltage to 80 kV.

The main feature of the CMM-12R plant is the round the clock regeneration of transformer oil without stopping for sorbent reactivation. Moreover, the equipment has an advanced software suite and can be controlled through a GSM-module. The unit  also operates without oil loss.

A special room with air conditioning and a personal computer makes the operator’s work easier and more comfortable. In regeneration mode, the CMM-12R unit for Oil Reclamation has a capacity of 4 m3 / hr.

Personnel training took place in Ambato, a city in the centre of Ecuador, where electrical insulation oil was treated in an on-line transformer without taking it offline. Operated in the mountainous area, the GlobeCore equipment demonstrated consistent results in oil regeneration.