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The CMM-12R Was Modernized

Dear friends, we are bringing to your notice that last week all the works on improving the CMM-R unit were completed.

The new unit features a range of new options that favor transformer oil regeneration process. They include:

(1) uninterrupted transformer oil reclamation for 24 hours a day with no stops for sorbent unloading and reloading;

(2) equipment controlled by GSM-module;

(3) no transformer oil losses during regeneration:

(4) the improved software makes it possible to control the condition of all significant parts of the unit including remote operation.

The capacity of the modernized CMM-12R is about 4 m3 per hour/1056 Gals, per hour.  The connection to the transformer is trouble-free and lasts for 20-25 minutes.  The controlled operator’s room is equipped with a computer and air-conditioner.

Now it is real to regenerate oil round-the-clock!If you have a great amount of waste oil – do not miss the possibility to order this equipment!