The Presentations of Equipment in Egypt

At the end of May 2015, GlobeCore representatives visited Cairo, Egypt. During the visit, our representatives delivered a wide range of presentations of GlobeCore equipment to the representatives of the Egyptian electric power industry.  In particular, special attention was paid to the units for transformer oil regeneration, purification and vacuumizing.  Additionally, units for the drying of solid insulation found in electric power transformers were presented. In the course of the presentation, GlobeCore representatives demonstrated all equipment capabilities and presented the reports on the units that have been  successfully operated for many years. GlobeCore technology is targeted at the increase of power transformer efficiency, improvement of their operational reliability, labor cost reduction and power and financial resources saving. Each presentation was carried out in an open and friendly atmosphere.  All points of interest were satisfied.  Summing it up, it should be mentioned that the trip to Cairo for GlobeCore and its customers was another successful step towards establishing and strengthening of relationships with the electric power industry in Egypt.