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Thermal Vacuum Drying and Degassing of Transformer Oil

Additionally, the service life of the dielectric fluid is extended and financial expenditures are reduced.

Modern vacuum drying and degassing, enhanced by heating are the most economic methods to remove dissolved moisture and gasses from transformer oil.

The quality of oil processing depends on many factors that include:

  • the superficial tension of oil;
  • time of vacuum processing;
  • the residual pressure in the vacuum chamber; and
  • the oil’s temperature.

The thermal vacuum treatment is realized by supplying warmed up product to a special vacuum chamber.  Inside this chamber oil is kept for a certain period of time to intensify the discharging of a steam gas mixture that is evacuated by a vacuum system. In fact, such systems include much additional equipment necessary to ensure proper, efficient and safe operation.

There are different ways to deliver a product to a vacuum chamber.  For example, injection nozzles may be used.  Such an approach is used mainly if there are no rigid requirements for the output performance of oil.

Generally, the use of injection nozzles is not desirable since it requires multiple approaches to producing oil of the desired quality.

The application of rashig rings resembles the oil spraying.  The main difficulty is to ensure an even distribution of an oil film on the surface of the rings.

Centrifuging with vacuumizing is a method best suited for heavy oil,  but if the oil product has a high viscosity level, it becomes difficult to get good performance from the oil.

The technical execution of centrifuges does not allow for the removal of dissolved moisture, gasses, and impurities of a small size.  The oil therefore, will require additional treatment.  Foam nozzles may be used to supply the product to a vacuum chamber.

GlobeCore produces high vacuum degassing equipment for the prurifcation of  transformer oil. This equipment may be used when mounting, repairing and operating electric power transformers. GlobeCore equipment is easy to use and operationally reliable.  It can restore the oil’s performance characteristics in one pass through the processing system.