Transformer Oil Filtration

The article analyses the causes of transformer oil aging.  This process is greatly influenced by the presence of solids in oil.  It is advisable to use GlobeCore filtration technology, which reduces moisture content in oil product to 10 g/t, and provides 5 micron filtration fineness.

Continuous exploitation of oil-filled electrical equipment leads to aging of insulating oil.  This outcome is the result of several factors:

  • accumulation of dissolved and emulsified water;
  • accumulation of solids, increasing  oil viscosity;
  • accumulation of chemical products resulting in  insulation degradation;
  • accumulation of degradation of chemical products (if present in the oil);
  • accumulation of oil hydrocarbon degradation.

Further use of worn out transformer oil is fraught with a whole series of potential hazards:

  • non – efficient cooling system;
  • reduced dielectric strength;
  • corrosion  of transformer core and coil  as a result of exposure to atmospheric agents;
  • accumulation of sediments on the transformer’s inner surface;
  • corrosion of insulation system as a result of exposure to atmospheric agents;
  • probability of  accidents.

To prevent these negative effects, transformer oil should be filtered, that is cleaned of impurities.

Transformer oil filtration allows to:

  • eliminate solids settling on the inner details of winding and magnetic circuit;
  • reduce occurrence of emulsified water;
  • prevent slime on the transformer’s inner structures;
  • improve the efficiency of heat removal and cooling;
  • slow down the corrosive processes that are destroying insulation as the temperature increases.

GlobeCore Company offers high-quality filtration equipment, which extends service life of transformer oils.  The treated product is purified  to grade 9 purity, starting with grade 13 purity.  This effect is achieved through the use of a filter unit.

Using GlobeCore technology lowers the moisture content in transformer oil up to 10 g/t and to provides filtering fineness up to 5 micron.

GlobeCore provides reliable and profitable transformer oil filtration!