Transformer Oil Regeneration (Reclamation)

Transformer Oil Reclamation


During the different stages of its operation, transformer insulating oil is exposed to many different hazards including water, moisture, acids, and particulate matter.  Periodic monitoring therefore, is an important part of a comprehensive transformer preventive maintenance program.  Important characteristics of transformer oil, including purity and other useful properties, are very important in determining the performance and service life of transformers.  The service life of a power transformer, whether short or long, has a very high impact on the financial health of electric power utilities and their ability to provide consistent and reliable service to their customers.  The decision to replace, refurbish, repair, or service an aged power transformer requires the consideration of several factors.  Of special consideration for power companies is the time and cost involved in performing maintenance and the possibility of extended service interruptions for their customers. The service life of a power transformer is directly related to the condition of the oil and paper insulation system and how that system is maintained.  The best and most cost efficient method of transformer preventive maintenance is the industry leading GlobeCore Process.  The heart of the GlobeCore Process is the innovative use of a “Fuller’s Earth” filtration system that automatically reactivates the Fuller’s Earth sorbert materials precluding the need to dispose of and replace sorbent materials after each reclamation cycle.  The GlobeCore Process allows for the complete re-use of the transformer insulating oil because the oil is completely reclaimed and restored to original new like condition.  The economic benefits are quite obvious because of the ever increasing costs of replacing both mineral and synthetic transformer oils and the costs of disposing of contaminated oils.   These costs are eliminated when the GlobeCore Process is implemented as part of your company’s preventive maintenance program.  In addition to eliminating oil replacement and disposal costs, the GlobeCore Process preserves resources and is the most environmentally friendly maintenance system in the world today.

Oil Sampling and Oil Analysis Before Transformer Oil Reclamation

During the service life of the power transformer, the Insulating Oil becomes contaminated with water, moisture, and other impurities causing oxidation.   As the presence of these contaminates in the oil increases with age, the oil loses important electrical and chemical properties important to the proper operation of the transformer.  The key to long transformer service life is a good and well planned preventive maintenance program.  The best way to monitor transformer oil is through oil sampling and oil analysis.  By periodic sampling and laboratory analysis, it is possible to monitor and verify the level of contamination found in the oil.  Once the oil’s acid number reaches 0.08, a GlobeCore Oil Reclamation Process can be performed preventing aggressive contaminated oil from damaging the insulating paper.  The GlobeCore Service Life Extension Program allows for “Right On Time” preventive maintenance which keeps the insulating paper and transformer core free from water, moisture and other contaminates before they can damage and degrade the paper.  The GlobeCore Process therefore, can effectively extend the service life of your transformers between 5 and 10 years.

Cleaning and Drying of Insulating Oil as Part of Oil Reclamation.

The GlobeCore Process includes oil purification and additionally includes a process for Cleaning and Drying of the insulating oil and the transformer core and insulating paper.  This two for one process is know as the GlobeCore “Two for one Engineering Miracle.”  The GlobeCore Process is capable of removing the contaminates and water from the core, the windings and the insulating paper.  When the GlobeCore Process is compete, there is no contaminated oil left anywhere in the transformer and the all important insulating paper is also left free of contaminates thereby completely stopping any degradation process from the aggressive effects of water, acids and other contaminates.

Oil Aging

The oxidation process is usually the result of the aging and/or deterioration of insulating oils that takes place over an extended period of time.  The actual time it takes for “damaging oxidation” to appear will depend on many factors including, but not limited to, oil quality and whether the oil has been treated with anti-oxidation additives known as inhibitors.   When unacceptable levels of oxygen and water appear in the oil, the oil will begin to oxidize.  Pollutants can also appear from transformer solid particles that are dissolved and suspended in the oil.  Reactions occurring in the oil between unstable bicarbonates, oxygen and other catalysts such as humidity combined with accelerators such as heat, will lead to the dissolution (oxidation) of oil.

Heat and humidity, which act as initial boosters, along with oxidation, are the main causes of solid insulation failure.  With proper maintenance of the transformer cooling and insulation systems, the life of the transformer can be increased between 5 and 10 years.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate the oxidation process from taking place in the oil, but oxidation can be controlled and slowed using the GlobeCore Process.  One of the most important tools for extending the service life of your transformer is to implement an annual oil analysis program.  Oil analysis will tell you when the transformer needs to be regenerated and will allow you get ahead of and stop the paper insulation degradation process. The GlobeCore Process is a complete process for transformer maintenance that completely regenerates the insulating oil and cleans and dries the core, the windings, and the insulating paper.  The ultimate goal is the Service Life Extension of the electric power transformer.  The GlobeCore Process will save you time, money, and protect the environment. Its time to get with the Process, The GlobeCore Process! Transformer oil reclamation in pdf