Transformer Oil Reclamation by Fuller’s Earth

GlоbeCоre has offered a fundamentally new solution to the problem of dielectric transformer oil regeneration.  Much importance is placed on transformer oil since it serves as a liquid insulator and serves to transfer execess heat away from the vital parts of electric power transformers used in the electric transmission industry.  Such factors as atmospheric oxygen, moisture, and high temperatures can have a negative impact on the condition of dielectric oil which inevitably leads to transformer failures. To eliminate the risk of transformer failures, transformer oil should be thoroughly purified and regenerated periodicaly throughout the life cycle of the oil and the transformer. GlobeCore has developed technology that allows for the regeneration of used transformer oil.  GlоbeCоre adheres to the “preventive maintenance” principle:  it is better to prevent a problem than to have to correct a problem.  The main concern of our company is to extend the effective service life of the transformer. The mobile oil purification station, designated as CMM-R line of equipment, distinguishes itself through the following features: (1) Fuller’s Earth serves as a sorbent that has good adsorbent properties and GlobeCore’s automatic sorbent reactivation system eliminates hazardous waste generation and reduces labor costs; (2) oil is circulated through a closed path: contaminated oil is supplied to the regeneration unit and the regenerated oil is delivered back to the transformer.  There is still 10-15% of used oil left in the transformer when simply changing the used oil for new oil.  Contaminated oil will the get to the fresh oil thereby reducing its performance characteristics.  Due to the GlоbeCоre technology, oil is circulated through a closed path which enables the used oil residues to be washed away making the process much more efficient and less costly than changing the oil. (3) there is an inhibition block in the CMM-R oil treatment units that increases the oil’s stability to oxidation.  It injects DBPC 2.6, an antioxidant additive. The GlоbeCоre equipment that is designed for transformer oil reclaiming by Fuller’s Earth allows the user to:
  • reduce manual labor costs since all the processes are automated and only one operator will be required to operate the CMM-R oil regeneration unit.
  • regenerates oil on energized transformers;
  • prevents oil from contact with atmospheric air since it may spoil its insulation properties;
  • performs it tasks regardless of the weather or season;
  • reduces harmful discharges into the air since oil and sorbent are not subject to disposal; and
  • reduces financial expenditures for new oil purchase.
Taking everything into consideration, we may state that the service life of transformers will be extended when using the GlobeCore Process of oil regeneration. GlоbeCоre knows how to save your company money and will be glad to reveal this secret to the representatives of your staff and company.