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Unit for Purification of X-ray Machine’s Dielectric Oil

Machine’s Dielectric Oil

Today X-ray machines are widely used as in medicine, as in industry. In the second case this equipment is used for the quality control of materials and identifying hidden defects (cracks, voids, and others). Also, X-ray machines are used for:

  • metal forming;
  • control of artillery cannons, food products and plastics;
  • verification of complex devices and systems in electronics; and
  • authentication of the works of art.

Practically all X-ray machines used for X-ray analysis are built the same way. Their design includes: an X-ray generator (X-ray tube), a power supply unit or high-voltage unit, and a control panel.

Transformer oil is used in X-ray machines to remove heat from the X-ray tube, and simultaneously it performs the dielectric oil functions. Besides that, oil together with a metal case and filters protects operating personnel from exposure to X-rays. Taking into consideration the compact size of modern X-ray units and a small distance between the conductive elements, the requirements for the quality of the insulating liquid have never been so high as nowadays.

Since mechanical impurities, moisture and dissolved gases reduce the breakdown voltage of dielectric oil, it is necessary to thoroughly purify oil to achieve the required quality. Failure to remove heat from the heated parts and deterioration of insulation of the live parts, caused by the use of transformer oil of inappropriate quality, entails the breakdown of X-ray machines, as well as subsequent repair and purchase of spare parts that require new investments. It is therefore highly recommended to purify the dielectric oil just before filling into the equipment.

GlobeCore offers the CMM-0.6 unit for purification of dielectric oil to engineering and service organizations involved in the repair and maintenance of small oil-filled systems, such as emitters and generators of X-ray equipment.

Preliminary processing of insulating liquids of X-ray machines and magnetic resonance imaging devices can restore the dielectric strength up to 60 kV. This increases the reliability of X-ray tubes and reduces downtime.

The CMM-0.6 unit consists of a vacuum column, heater, fluid pump, vacuum pump, and a filter stack with changeable cartridges. The equipment works on the principle of thermal vacuum cleaning, which can not only remove contaminants from oil, but also preserves all the useful hydrocarbons.

GlobeCore manufactures units for purification of dielectric oil on a mass scale, as well as on an individual basis. In particular, upon Customer’s request the operational capacity of the unit, filter elements, and other features can be adjusted to your specific needs. Oil purification units produced on a commercial scale can be purchased directly from the warehouse.

At Customer’s request our specialists can come to the place where the unit is planned for operation, perform adjustment of the unit and make it run, as well as train the staff of your company on how to operate and service the unit properly.

If you read this, it means you are:

  • The head of an engineering or service organization engaged in the repair and maintenance of small oil-filled systems, including emitters and generators of X-ray machines. You need only effective solutions, which will bring a guaranteed profit, and will not create additional problems;
  • A member of the purchase department. You have to please the leadership, find the best deal on price and quality, establish and maintain contacts with the suppliers. In this respect, GlobeCore will be the best option for you: over the years, our company has established a really friendly both corporate and personal relationships with its customers;
  • An engineer carrying out maintenance and repair of X-ray machines. You have to to fix the existing problems and ensure the reliable operation of the equipment in the future.

You should order units for purification of dielectric insulating oil from us! GlobeCore provides servicing, spare parts, and has its own production – we are always ready to support you!

What do you need to do to have the unit working at your company?

  • please contact us through one of the contacts and together we will consider the best option for your specific needs;
  • we will offer you a complete set of the unit, prices, and the terms;
  • if necessary, we will hold a meeting with you at our plant;
  • we will manufacture the unit and commission it at your enterprise.

The advantages of the GlobeCore units for purification of dielectric insulating oil are:

  • compact size;
  • ease of use;
  • there is protection against emergency situations (oil spill protection, anti-foaming protection);
  • silent operation;
  • ability to work from a usual electric outlet;
  • short order execution terms;
  • competitive price;
  • possibility of getting an expert advice from a design engineer prior to the purchase of equipment, and during its operation as well;
  • we use components of the leading world manufacturers;
  • you will increase reliability of the work of X-ray equipment.

The questions that you may have:

1) The mentioned operational capacity of the unit does not meet my needs. But you still need to clean oil. What to do?

GlobeCore offers an individual approach to its customers. To get started, contact us and indicate all the requirements for equipment. Representatives of our design department are always ready to offer you the best solutions.

2) What is the duration of equipment manufacturing in the case of an individual order?

Duration of equipment manufacturing in the case of an individual order does not exceed 45 days.

3) What is the warranty period?

The warranty period of equipment is usually 12 months.

If you still have any questions, we are always ready to answer them. Please, liaise with us through one of the contacts.

Technical Specifications of Oil Purification Unit for X-ray Machines


Parameter description


1 Efficiency, m3/gals. per hour


2 Supply voltage (AC 50Hz, V)


3 Rated input power, kW


4 Pre-filter, microns


5 Filtration fineness, microns


6 Purity class after processing (as per ISO 4406)


7 Oil breakdown voltage after one cycle of processing not less, kV


8 Outside dimensions (excl.hoses) not more, mm
– length


– width


– height


9 Weight (without oil) not more, kg


* – any voltage available at customer’s request