Used Oil and Environmental Issues: Oil Reclamation is the Best Solution

Problems with mineral oil usage and its disposal are usually closely connected.  In today’s modern industrialized world, used petroleum products are one of the most widely found industrial waste products.  Used oil can be a threat to the environment by contaminating the soil, water and the atmosphere. Approximately twenty percent (20%) of  contamination found in water resources is caused by human activity.  Used oil accounts for sixty percent  (60%) of this unwanted contamination. There is no doubt that used oil reclamation is of a great importance.  Used oil disposal by means of combustion causes even more environmental problems.  That is why used oil waste products have both an economic significance and environmental significance. Water resources and soil can become contaminated due to used oil drainage and leakage, while the atmosphere is polluted by the burning of used oil products.  GlobeCore is a modern company that supports the idea of solving environmental issues. GlobeCore believes that it is better to prevent possible contamination in the first place thereby and eliminating the consequences before they happen. Large amounts of financial and human resources are spent each year to clean and/or safeguard the environment from man made pollution.  These efforts are not enough however, to completely solve the man made waste problem.  That is why new and more environmentally safer technologies and equipment are needed throughout all industrial sectors. Used oil reclamation equipment from GlobeCore is now being delivered to private and public companies all over the world.  The GlobeCore used oil reclamation /regeneration units are able to restore used oil to its original new like condition thereby eliminating the need to dispose of the used oil. Thus the chain of buying, using, and disposing and replacing is broken.  Used oil will not get into the soil and waterways because it is being restored and placed back into service.  Moreover, it is still used in the industrial cycle.  The Globecore Process eliminates oil waste and reduces the need to buy new replacement oil.  The environment wins and your company will save money. Modern oil reclamation technologies for oil processing will increase oil filled equipment reliability and reduce maintenance and operating expenses.  The uniqueness of GlobeCore technology is best demonstrated by the careful and energy efficient processing of transformer oil.  This helps both to eliminate undesired impurities and to restore the oil’s performance characteristics back to acceptable international standards. Restoring the used oil’s performance characteristics is obtained through the application of a modern process that includes filtering, heating, evacuation and replacement back to the oil filled equipment.  This is all performed without having to replace the sorbent materials since the sorbent is reactivated without the need for disposal.  The GlobeCore Process therefore, is the most environmentally friendly oil restoration process in the world today. The GlobeCore reclamation process saves the environment and saves you money.