GlobeCore Equipment Presented in Poland

Energetab, the largest exhibition of modern energy equipment and technologies in Poland was held in Bielsko-Biala on 11-13 September 2018.

This year’s exhibition included 712 companies over more than 35 000 m2 of exhibition floor. Among other exhibitors, GlobeCore presented two of its units: the CMM-0.6 and the UVR-L (laboratory).

The СММ-0.6 is a compact and mobile machine for filtration and degassing of 600 liters of electrical insulation oil per hour. The СММ-0.6 fully meets the modern requirements of the energy sector in terms of its capabilities of processing transformer oil, as well as other types of oil, used in switches, inputs and on-load tap changers.

The UVR is more versatile, with the capability to process not only transformer oil, but also other liquids used in the energy and other industries (turbine and industrial oil). The laboratory scale version of the unit allows to evaluate the efficiency of regeneration for various conditions (oil type, degree of contamination, sorbent consumption rate etc), as well as demonstrate the treatment process. This last function makes it possible for exhibition visitors to see more of the GlobeCore processes.

Below is a brief photo report on our visit to Energetab-2018.