Oil Purification and Regeneration Equipment


GlobeCore Transformer Oil Regeneration Plants CMM-R

  • Regenerates oil to "like new" conditions on energized transformers;
  • Removes sludge from cellulose insulation;
  • Improves dielectric strength;
  • Removes corrosive sulfur;
  • Improves oxidation stability;
  • Reuse Fuller's Earth sorbent material up to 300 times.

GlobeCore High Vacuum Degasifiers CMM

  • Removes Water from 100 ppm down to 10 ppm and from 50 ppm to 5 ppm in a single pass (ASTM method D-1533);
  • Reduces Gas content from fully saturated with air (10 to 12% by volume) to less than 0.1% (ASTM D-2945);
  • Removes Particulate Matter to 5 microns as standard or down to 1 micron (optional);
  • Improve dielectric strength up to 75 kV;
  • Mobile and stationary plants are available.

GlobeCore Oil Purification Plants CMM

  • Reduces water content from 50 ppm down to  5 ppm;
  • Removes 99.9 % of particles larger than 5 micron;
  • Variety of flow rates from 160 liters per hour to 4000 liters per hour;
  • Oil Purification performed on energized transformer:     PLC controlled automated operations;     Mobile and stationary units are available.
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GlobeCore Mineral Oil Regeneration Plants UVR

  • Regenerates nearly all types of mineral oils, pyrolysis liquids, diesel and furnace fuel;
  • Removes sulfur from oil and pyrolysis liquids;
  • Removes odors;
  • Improves oil parameters to "as new" conditions;
  • Low operational cost.
Oil Purification and Regeneration Equipment

GlobeCore plant for preparation of cable oil СММ-1СO

  • processes cable oil through thermal vacuum degassing and filtration;
  • increases reliability of operation of oil-filled cables;
  • fully automatic processing;
  • easy to maintain and operate;
  • made of stainless steel;
  • stationary (in a container, on a frame, under a tent), and mobile (on wheels, on a trailer) design.


GlobeCore Vacuum Systems BV

  • Design for pulling vacuum on a transformer tank;
  • Vacuum fill ensures that the dielectric fluid penetrates all paper insulation, creating a better dielectric insulating environment;
  • Can be used together with Oil Purification - Plants during installation or retro filling of transformers;
  • Combination of rotary vane positive    displacement pump and rotary piston vacuum booster ensures high productivity allowing to reach ultimate vacuum of 0.001 mbar.

GlobeCore Oil Heaters PPM

  • In Line oil heater for all types of industrial applications where oil is used as heating medium;
  • Serves as additional heating facility during oil purification in cold climates;
  • High energy efficiency;
  • Automated temperature control;
  • Low watt density (1.2 W/cm²) encapsulated heating elements are used to prevent heat degradation of oil;
  • Flow rates from 500 liters per hour to 5000 liters per hour;
  • On board oil pump for autonomous operations.

GlobeCore Fuller's Earth Cartridges - ZP

  • Regenerate transformer oil to "like new" conditions;
  • Removes acids, waxes, gums, carbon resides and colloidal particles;
  • Portable design for ease of movement around the workshop;
  • Can be integrated into oil purification systems;
  • Provides an optimal cost effective solution for treatment of  small quantities of transformer oil;
  • Tilt design for ease of Fuller's Earth replacement;
  • Can be used with two types of sorbent - Zeolite or Fuller's Earth.

GlobeCore Transformer Air Dryer

  • Used to protect transformer windings, core and paper insulation during maintenance;
  • Two independent blocks with absorber for continuous operations;
  • Built-in dew point meter;
  • Stationary and mobile units are available;
  • Various production capacity for different transformer sizes.

СММ-4RP Sorbent Reactivation Unit

The СММ-4RP unit is designed for reconditioning of waste sorbents used in oil purification systems. This equipment can be used by companies dealing with purification and regeneration of oils, diesel fuels, fuel oils and other oil products.

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